The Montpellier Codex, Part 4

Series: Middle Ages and Early Renaissance  Publisher: A-R Editions
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The Montpellier Codex, Part 4
Texts and Translations

Edited by Hans Tischler

M008 The Montpellier Codex, Part 4
978-0-89579-084-2 Book (1985) 8.5x11, xxii + 118 pp.
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The Montpellier Codex is the largest and most sumptuous extant manuscript of thirteenth-century polyphonic music. The works it contains represent the music of the entire thirteenth century, and perhaps that of the late twelfth century as well. Inspired by Yvonne Rokseth’s earlier transcriptions, the present edition draws on nearly four decades of subsequent research to offer improved readings of many motets, and comprehensive collation and analysis of all concordances. The musical transcriptions are included in parts I–III; part IV provides text commentary and translations, an index of first lines, and guides to pronunciation.
Albert Seay, Notes, March 1980; John Caldwell, Music and Letters, January 1988