Thirty-five Conductus for Two and Three Voices

Series: Collegium Musicum: Yale University  Publisher: A-R Editions
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Thirty-five Conductus for Two and Three Voices

Edited by Janet Knapp

Y1-006 Thirty-five Conductus for Two and Three Voices
978-0-89579-367-6 Full Score (1965) 9x12, vii + 147 pp.
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This selection of thirteenth-century conductus for two and three voices is drawn from fascicles 6 and 7 of the manuscript Florence, Biblioteca Laurenziana, Pluteus 29.1 (F) and includes virtually all of the conductus in the other "Notre Dame" manuscripts, as well as several unica. The anthology is representative, in terms of both subject matter and musical style, of the conductus repertory as a whole. The musical settings range from short, strophic structures to works of gradiose proportions and from simple and direct to intricate and richly ornamented. The works include compositions by Perotin and poems by Walter of Chatillon and Philip the Chancellor.
Conductus a 3
Salvatoris hodie—Novus Adam
Relegentur ab area—Clausus in testa
Ortus summi
Ave maris stella
Verbum pater exhibuit
Celum non animum
Procurans odium
Veris ad imperia
Hac in anni ianua
Novus miles sequitur
Crucifigat omnes
Mundus a munditia
Gedeonis area
Stella serena
Excitatur caritas in Yerico
Conductus a 2
Veri vitis germine
Iam vetus littera
Condimentum nostre spei
Pater noster commiserans
Ave Maria
Quod promisit ab eterno
Legem dedit olim Deus
Virtutum thronus frangitur
Eterno serviet
Consequens antecedente
Alma redemptoris
Celorum porta
Dum sigillum
Nove geniture
Si Deus est animus
Sol sub nube latuit
Porta salutis ave
Deus pacis et dilectionis
Baculi sollempnia
Circa mundi vesperam
Leonard Ellinwood, Notes, December 1966.