Thompson and Weisbrod, eds: Managing Institutional Recordings

Series: Technical Reports  Publisher: A-R Editions, Music Library Association
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Managing Institutional Recordings

Edited by Beth Thompson, Liza Weisbrod

TR040 Thompson and Weisbrod, eds: Managing Institutional Recordings
978-0-89579-907-4 Book (2023) 7.5 x 9.25, xv + 228 pp.
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Institutional recordings represent a significant portion of the scholarly output of academic music schools and departments. Audio and video recordings of faculty recitals, student recitals, ensembles, and guest artists provide a unique record of musical life in an academic environment. Libraries have often been responsible for describing, preserving, and providing access to these valuable collections.
Managing Institutional Recordings brings together a variety of articles on different aspects of collecting and managing institutional recording collections. This compilation of essays and case studies, written by known experts in the field, explores solutions to managing collections in a variety of institutions across North America. Topics include planning, managing, cataloging, preservation, and legal aspects of collections. As a unique exploration of the topic, Managing
Institutional Recordings will provide readers with resources and guidance on their own institutional recording collections.
Foreword, Jonathan Sauceda
Part 1: Setting the Stage
1. A Historical Perspective of Institutional Recordings: Looking Back and into the Future, Beth Thompson
2. Surveying the Landscape: Institutional Recording Collections in 2020, Liza Weisbrod
Part 2: Planning for a Collection
3. From Library Closet to Content Management System: Preserving and Providing Access to Institutional Music Recordings at the University of Alberta Library, Sean Luyk, Sharon Farnel, and Mariana Paredes-Olea
4. Institutional Recordings as Thesis, Katie Buehner and Wendy C. Robertson
5. Going Where the Music Takes You: Navigating the Changing World of Digital Institutional Recordings, Amy L. Allen, Dylan Hurd, Deb Kulczak, and Lora Lennertz
Part 3: Managing Established Collections
6. Documenting the Archives of Traditional Music Noon Concert and Lecture Series: An Intersection of Archiving, Performance, and Scholarship, Allison McClanahan and Alan R. Burdette
7. The Evolution of the Music Library Collection of Faculty Events at the University of Toronto, James Mason and Rebecca Shaw
8. Managing Institutional Video Recordings at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Shannon Erb and Jennie Thomas
Part 4: Cataloging and Metadata
9. Preserving Legacies in and through Digital Access, Michelle K. Hahn
10. Forensic Cataloging: Managing Institutional Recordings through Changes in Professional and Technical Standards, Emily Butler Waters and Peter A. Williams
Part 5: Preservation Strategies
11. Preservation Strategies for Sound Recordings, David L. Huff
Part 6: Legal Issues
12. Managing the Legal Aspects of Institutional Recordings, Nazareth A. Pantaloni, III
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About the Authors and Editors
Beth Thompson is currently serving at Western Carolina University’s Hunter Library as the Department Head of Content Organization Management eResources and Technology. She previously held the position at the University of North Carolina Wilmington as the Cataloging and Metadata Librarian and served as their music liaison librarian. Beth earned both an MLIS and an MM in flute performance from Kent State University. Her interests in libraries stemmed from doing extensive research in the music library while working on her master’s in music. Before earning her secondary degrees, Beth was a music teacher in the Wisconsin public school system for ten years.
Liza Weisbrod is the Music, Government Information, and Research Support Librarian at Auburn University, where she is the liaison to the music department and serves as depository coordinator for the government information collection. She holds an MM in Piano Performance and Literature from the University of Notre Dame, a BM in Piano Performance from the University of Missouri-Columbia, and an MSLIS from the University of Illinois.