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Vecchi: Motecta (1590)

Orazio Vecchi
Motecta (1590)
Edited by William R. Martin, Eric J. Harbeson
Vecchi: Motecta (1590)
Full Score (2013)
8.5x11, xxi + 194 pp.

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Orazio Vecchi (1550–1605) was one of the most admired and versatile composers of the late Renaissance, distinguished during his own time for his musical and poetic works in a wide spectrum of sacred and secular genres. Although most of Vecchi’s fame centers on his secular output, Vecchi also produced much fine sacred music. This edition of his Motecta of 1590, containing thirty-three motets for four to ten voices and featuring widely varied compositional techniques, makes one of Vecchi’s most important sacred publications available to modern scholars and performers and offers insight into another side of this renowned cinquecento composer.
Motets for Four Voices
1. Erat Jesus
2. Cantabo Domino
3. Misericordias Domini
4. Velociter exaudi me
5. Euge, serve bone
6. Magdalenae cor
7. Cantate Domino
Motets for Five Voices
8. Assumpta est Maria
9. Alleluia, laudem dicite
10. Ave Virgo gratiosa (prima pars)
11. Omnis virtus te decorat (secunda pars)
12. Domine, quando veneris
13. Quem vidistis, pastores?
Motets for Six Voices
14. Osculetur me (prima pars)
15. Ecce tu pulchra (secunda pars)
16. O vos omnes
17. O sacrum convivium
18. Vidi civitatem sanctam
19. Benedicite omnia opera Domini
Motets for Eight Voices
20. Domine exaudi orationem meam
21. Dies sanctificatus
22. Crucem tuam adoramus
23. Congratulamini omnes
24. En dilectus meus
25. Pange lingua gloriosi
26. Cibavit nos
27. Peccantem me quotidie
28. Crux fidelis
29. Sancte Marce
30. Christum Regem
31. Salve, sancte pater
32. O quam suavis
Motet for Ten Voices
33. Beati omnes qui timent Dominum
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