Victorian Music for the English Concertina

Series: 19th and Early 20th Centuries  Publisher: A-R Editions
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Victorian Music for the English Concertina

Edited by Allan W. Atlas

N052 Victorian Music for the English Concertina
978-0-89579-652-3 Full Score (2009) 9x12, xxii + 179 pp.
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Instrumental Part(s) (2009)
Parts (concertina; vc.; hp.)

Instrumental Part(s) (2009)
Part (tr. concertina)

Instrumental Part(s) (2009)
Set of 2 parts (tr. concertina; bar. concertina)

Instrumental Part(s) (2009)
Set of 4 parts (tr. concertina 1, 2; bar. concertina; b. concertina)
Developed by the physicist Charles Wheatstone around 1830, the English concertina was extremely popular in art-music circles of Victorian England until late in the nineteenth century. This edition includes fifteen works that present a cross section of the instrument’s concert and salon repertories, and includes music by the "mainstream" composers George Alexander Macfarren, Julius Benedict, and Bernhard Molique, as well as original compositions by such concertina virtuosos as Giulio Regondi and Richard Blagrove. There are also pieces by two little-known women composers/arrangers, Hannah Rampton Binfield and Rosina King (the instrument was particularly popular with women), and an arrangement by George Case of a well-known hymn tune, which shows how the baritone concertina was used in small parish churches. Finally, there are two works for concertina ensembles, a duo for treble and baritone concertina by Blagrove and a transcription by Regondi for concertina quartet of the final movement of Mozart’s ‎‎Prague symphony.
1. Violetta, a Romance, George Alexander Macfarren
2. Andantino, Julius Benedict
3. Sonata, Op. 57, Bernhard Molique
4. Introduction with Variations and Coda on “The Last Rose of Summer,” Joseph Warren
5. Les Oiseaux, Morceau de Concert, Op. 12, Giulio Regondi
6. When in the Dark Midnight (Überall Du), Op. 17, Ignaz Lachner, arr. Giulio Regondi
7. Souvenirs de Donizetti, Richard Blagrove
8. The Marvellous Work, from The Creation of Haydn, arr. Hannah Rampton Binfield
9. Nocturne, John C. Ward
10. Thou Art Gone From My Gaze, George Linley, arr. Giulio Regondi
11. Exercise for the Management of the Bellows No. 6, Giulio Regondi
12. Original Melody No. 1, Rosina King
13. Devizes, Isaac Tucker, arr. George Case
14. Duo Concertante, from Les Huguenots of Meyerbeer, arr. Richard Blagrove
15. Finale from Symphony No. 38 in D Major, “Prague,” of Mozart, arr. Giulio Regondi