Vincenet: The Collected Works

Series: Middle Ages and Early Renaissance  Publisher: A-R Editions
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Johannes Vincenet
The Collected Works

Edited by Bertran E. Davis

M009-10 Vincenet: The Collected Works
978-0-89579-110-8 Full Score (1978) 3, xxxi + 79 pp.
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This edition of four settings of the Ordinary of the mass and four secular songs—works that were previously unavailable in a modern edition—provides a new repertory of quattrocento polyphony. The introduction examines archival documents for biographical details on Vincenet, who may have been a singer in the Papal Choir or a cantor for the Spanish king at his court in Naples. Two secular songs by Bruolo and Touront, the models for two of the masses, are appended to the edition to allow study of Vincenet’s parody technique.
Sine nomine
Eterne rex altissime
Entrepris suis par grant lyesse
O gloriosa regina mundi
Villancico, "La pena sin ser sabida"
Rondeau, "Triste qui spero morendo"
Rondeau, "Ou doy je secours querir"
Rondeau, "Fortune, par ta cruaulté"
Song-Model Sources:
Rondeau, "Entrepris suis par grant lyesse" (Bartholomeus Bruolo)
Song-motet, "O gloriosa regina mundi" (Jo. Touront)