Vittori: Complete Solo Songs

Series: Baroque Era  Publisher: A-R Editions
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Loreto Vittori
Complete Solo Songs

Edited by Thomas D. Dunn

B188 Vittori: Complete Solo Songs
978-0-89579-795-7 Full Score (2014) 9x12, xxx + 101 pp.
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Along with the opera La Galatea, thirty solo songs make up the surviving musical output of the Roman composer, singer, and writer Loreto Vittori (1600–1670). All of the songs are for solo soprano voice and continuo. Most come from two printed sources: Vincenzo Bianchi’s collection Raccolta d’arie spirituali of 1640 and Vittori’s own Arie a voce sola of 1649. Three songs are in manuscript. The texts of the twenty-five songs in the 1649 collection are all on secular themes, ranging from lengthy lamenti through works of increasing brevity and a more lighthearted mood, ending with a bit of “to-hell-with-it-all” doggerel. The subject matter tends to focus on a few topoi: images of flying, such as flying sighs, thoughts, butterflies, and glowworms; the river or stream as a metaphor for “from the cradle to the grave”; and the ubiquitous haughty, unresponsive love object and the suffering, faithful lover. The god of love also hovers over many of these texts as one who wounds, destroys, but is nevertheless constantly invoked for aid. Although many of the texts are attributed to Vittori himself, a few are by other poets such as Torquato Tasso and Domenico Benigni.
Songs from Raccolta d’arie spirituali (1640)
Questo che langue
Io piango il fallir mio
Songs in Manuscript
All’armi, o mio core
Così cruda e così fiera
Ecco ch’io verso il sangue
Arie a voce sola (1649)
1. Lamento della prencipessa di Tunisi
2. L’amante prigioniero
3. Geloso amante
4. Simil’a te son’io
5. Fiumicello
6. Su, d’amor
7. Fatto segno
8. Vola sospiro
9. Presso un rio
10. Vedermi fra catene
11. Torna indietro
12. Ritornate
13. Vola, vola luccioletta
14. Dove voli, farfalletta?
15. Partir mi conviene
16. Saziati pur, crudele
17. Quel turco d’amore
18. In somma io non son più
19. Mi vedrete morir
20. Per viver lieto amando
21. Amanti a consiglio!
22. Mi predice il ciel
23. Care amate pupille
24. In amor, che stravaganza
25. Chi vuol provare