Vivanco: Liber magnificarum (1607)

Series: Renaissance  Publisher: A-R Editions
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Sebastian de Vivanco
Liber magnificarum (1607)

Edited by Michael Noone, Graeme Skinner

R173 Vivanco: Liber magnificarum (1607)
978-1-9872-0531-2 Full Score (2020) 8.5x11, xxiii + 277 pp.
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The Spanish composer Sebastián de Vivanco (ca. 1551–1622) was born, like his revered contemporary Tomás Luis de Victoria, in Avila. Having secured prestigious cathedral and university posts at Salamanca, Vivanco saw through the press, between 1607 and 1614, three luxury choirbooks containing 18 Magnificats, 10 masses, and 72 motets, spread over a total of more than 900 printed pages. The first of these choirbooks, all of which were printed by the Fleming Artus Taberniel and his wife Susana Muñoz, is a cycle of Magnificats providing polyphony for the odd- and even-numbered verses in all eight tones, plus one extra Magnificat in each of the much-used first and eighth tones. If Vivanco has been eclipsed for too long by his great contemporary and compatriot, it is in the complexity and ingenuity of the many canons to be found in these Magnificats that Vivanco outshines even Victoria.
Liber magnificarum (1607)
1. Magnificat primi toni sex vocibus (Anima mea)
2. Magnificat primi toni quatuor vocibus (Anima mea)
3. Magnificat primi toni quatuor vocibus (Et exultavit)
4. Magnificat secundi toni quatuor vocibus (Anima mea)
5. Magnificat secundi toni quatuor vocibus (Et exultavit)
6. Magnificat tertii toni quatuor vocibus (Anima mea)
7. Magnificat tertii toni quatuor vocibus (Et exultavit)
8. Magnificat quarti toni quinque vocibus (Anima mea)
9. Magnificat quarti toni quatuor vocibus (Et exultavit)
10. Magnificat quinti toni sex vocibus (Anima mea)
11. Magnificat quinti toni quatuor vocibus (Et exultavit)
12. Magnificat sexti toni sex vocibus (Anima mea)
13. Magnificat sexti toni quatuor vocibus (Et exultavit)
14. Magnificat septimi toni quatuor vocibus (Anima mea)
15. Magnificat septimi toni quatuor vocibus (Et exultavit)
16. Magnificat octavi toni quinque vocibus (Anima mea)
17. Magnificat octavi toni quatuor vocibus (Et exultavit)
18. Magnificat octavi toni octo vocibus (Anima mea)
19. Benedicamus quinque vocibus
20. Benedicamus quatuor vocibus
Appendix: Title Page Canons
Perpetual Canon a 4 (Textless)
Perpetual Canon a 5 (Textless)
Perpetual Canon a 6 (Textless)
Canon a 3 (Christum regem)