Wagenseil: Duos for Two Violins

Series: A-R Special Publications  Publisher: A-R Editions
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Georg Christoph Wagenseil
Duos for Two Violins

Edited by Gerald Feese

S008 Wagenseil: Duos for Two Violins
978-0-89579-655-4 Score + Part(s) (2009) 8.5x11, Score: vii + 50 pp.: also includes 2 partbooks
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This edition of seven violin duos by Georg Christoph Wagenseil (1715–77), never before published, is based on a set of privately held manuscript parts, most likely dating from the 1760s. The duos reveal a high level of creativity and modernity, two features that place them in the rank of progressive compositions from the mid-eighteenth century.
Six Duos for Two Violins
  Duo No. 1 in A Major
    I. Allegrino
    II. Presto scherzando
  Duo No. 2 in F Major
    I. Andantino
    II. Allegretto
  Duo No. 3 in D Major
    I. Allegretto
    II. Tempo di menuet
  Duo No. 4 in E-flat Major
    I. Allegro moderato
    II. Tempo di menuet
  Duo No. 5 in B-flat Major
    I. Adagio
    II. Allegretto
  Duo No. 6 in G Major
    I. Allegretto
    II. Tempo di menuet

Duo in G minor for Two Violins
    I. Larghetto
    II. Vivace
    III. Allegro molto