Weiss: Lute Concerti

Series: Baroque Era  Publisher: A-R Editions
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Silvius Leopold Weiss
Lute Concerti

Edited by Richard Stone

B136 Weiss: Lute Concerti
978-0-89579-551-9 Full Score (2004) 9x12, xxii + 102 pp.

Performance Parts (Available Separately)

Instrumental Part(s) (2004)
Part (lute); in transcription only, not tablature.

Rental Parts (2004)
Set of 4 parts: 0000 0000 11110

Rental Parts (2004)
Set of 12 parts: 1000 0000 32330

Rental Parts (2004)
Set of 3 parts: 0000 0000 11010

Rental Parts (2004)
Set of 3 parts: 0000 0000 11010
Only four concertos by Dresden lutenist Silvius Leopold Weiss (1687–1750) are known to survive. Not only was he the greatest lutenist of the eighteenth century, both by contemporary and modern appraisal, he was also a fine composer, bearing favorable comparison to his friend Johann Sebastian Bach for the quality of his compositions and improvisations, a point to which his many surviving lute solos attest. The four works comprising this volume were composed during Weiss’s tenure as lutenist at Dresden, and include a concerto for lute with four-part strings; a concerto grosso for lute, flute, violin, viola da gamba, and cello with ripieno strings; and two concertos for lute with two violins and cello. All were reconstructed from the extant lute tablatures in Dresden and Augsburg; any other accompanying parts or scores are lost. These works can also be heard on the Chandos CD, Silvius Leopold Weiss: Lute Concerti, CHAN 0707.
Concerto a cinque in C Major
     I. Allegro
    II. Andante
   III. Tempo di minuetto

Concerto in B-flat Major
     I. Allegro
    II. Largo
   III. Allegro

Concerto in D Minor
     I. Largo
    II. Allegro
   III. Largo
   IV. Allegro assai

Concerto in F Major
     I. Largo    
    II. Allegro
   III. Largo
   IV. Allegro
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