Wickhambrook Lute Manuscript

Series: Collegium Musicum: Yale University  Publisher: A-R Editions
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The Wickhambrook Lute Manuscript

Edited by Daphne E. R. Stephens

Y1-004 Wickhambrook Lute Manuscript
978-0-89579-365-2 Full Score (1963) 9x12, lii + 126 pp.
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The Wickhambrook Lute Manuscript is an example of the type of lute-book in use during the high point of English lute playing (1590–1615). The manuscript contains twenty-five compositions by the foremost lutenist-composers of the Elizabethan era: John Dowland, Peter Philips, John Johnson, and Anthony Holborne. These pieces represent a cross-section of the forms and styles most popular in this period.
1. Jhonsons delighte, [John Johnson]
2. Galiarde to delighte, [John Johnson]
3. My Lord Strange his galiarde
4. Quadrone pavene, John Johnson
5. Galiarde of Clarkes, [Anthony Holborne]
6. Tarletones riserrectione, John Dowland
7. [Pavan]
8. Pavyne [Peter] Philips
9. "My Lord Willobeis tune," John Dowland
10. ["Ma poure bourse"]
11. "Si vous voules"
12. ["Susanna"]
14. "Oulde Spannyshe paven"
15. Mistris Whittes thinge, John Dowland
16. [Levecha pavan], [John Johnson] (two lutes)
13. [Levecha pavan], [John Johnson] (solo lute)
17. [Levecha galliard], [John Johnson] (two lutes)
18. [Passymeasures pavan], [John Johnson]
19. "Mounsers almane"
20. Almane, [John Dowland]
21. "As I wente to Walsinghame"
22. Knowles his galiarde
23. Pavane, John Johnson
24. Galiarde, [John Johnson]
25. Grounde, John Johnson
Robert Spencer, Musical Times, November 1964.