Widor: Symphonie gothique

Series: 19th and Early 20th Centuries  Publisher: A-R Editions
This edition is part of the collection Widor: Organ Symphonies
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Charles-Marie Widor
Symphonie gothique

Edited by John R. Near

N019 Widor: Symphonie gothique
978-0-89579-541-0 Full Score (1996) 9x12, xvii + 45 pp.
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Charles-Marie Widor turned to plainchant for melodic material in his last two organ symphonies, beginning with the Symphonie gothique, opus 70 (1895). The introduction to this edition includes an essay on the Symphonie gothique, an accounting of its first performances, a detailed discussion of its sources, a statement of editorial policies, and information about Widor's registrations. With the Symphonie gothique, in four movements, Widor sought to instill an unequivocal sacred character into his organ music. The Christmas Day introit "Puer natus est" is introduced toward the middle of the third movement, and the fourth movement is entirely given over to the development of the plainsong melody in a theme, five variations (three of which are canonic), and a free-style finale.
I. Moderato
II. Andante sostenuto
III. Allegro
IV. Moderato
<div>MPA Paul Revere Award, 1996</div>


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