Widor: Symphonie II

Series: 19th and Early 20th Centuries  Publisher: A-R Editions
This edition is part of the collection Widor: Organ Symphonies
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Charles-Marie Widor
Symphonie II in D Major

Edited by John R. Near

N012 Widor: Symphonie II
978-0-89579-620-2 Full Score (1991) 9x12, xv + 60 pp.
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Charles-Marie Widor established the organ symphony as a genre with his first four Symphonies pour orgue, opus 13 (1872). The introduction to this edition of Widor's Symphonie II includes a list of the sources, a statement of editorial policies, and information about Widor's registrations. Symphonie II in D Major, in six movements, seems to take the listener on a timbral tour of the organ, with each successive movement featuring fresh registrational combinations. Also included in this edition are five appendices containing selected principal variants, with the original version of the first movement, the original scherzo fourth movement (later replaced by the Salve Regina), and the original version of the fifth movement Adagio.
I. Praeludium Circulare: Andantino
II. Pastorale: Moderato
III. Andante
IV. Salve Regina: Allegro
V. Adagio: Andante
VI. Finale: Allegro
Appendix 1: [I] Prélude. Version A/A
Appendix 2: I. Prélude. Version B/B, Mm. 19–28, 54–100
Appendix 3: III. Versions A/B/B and C/C, Mm. 1–44
Appendix 4: IV. Scherzo. Version A/A/B/B
Appendix 5: [V] Adagio. Version A/A
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