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Widor: Symphonie IV

Charles-Marie Widor
Symphonie IV in F Minor
Edited by John R. Near
Widor: Symphonie IV
Full Score (1992)
9x12, xvi + 47 pp.

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Charles-Marie Widor established the organ symphony as a genre with his first four Symphonies pour orgue, opus 13 (1872). The introduction to this edition of Widor's Symphonie IV includes a list of the sources, a statement of editorial policies, and information about Widor's registrations. Symphonie IV in F Minor, in six movements, pays homage to Bach in movements one and two, evoking the baroque styles of the toccata and fugue, respectively; the rest of the symphony honors Mendelssohn, and its elfin scherzo and majestic finale are not unlike the Scherzo and Wedding March from A Midsummer Night's Dream. Also included in this edition are four appendices containing selected principal variants from the finale.
I. Toccata
II. Fugue: Moderato assai
III. Andante cantabile: Dolce
IV. Scherzo: Allegro vivace
V. Adagio
VI. Finale: Moderato
Appendix 1: [VI] Final. Version A/A?, Mm. 70–75
Appendix 2: VI. Finale. Version B/B?, Mm. 86–123
Appendix 3: VI. Finale. Editions C and C?, Mm. 100–123
Appendix 4: VI. Finale. Edition D, Mm. 100–103, 113–17
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