Writing American Indian Music

Series: American Music  Publisher: A-R Editions, American Musicological Society
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Writing American Indian Music
Historic Transcriptions, Notations, and Arrangements

Edited by Victoria Lindsay Levine

MU11/A044 Writing American Indian Music
978-0-89579-494-9 Full Score (2002) 9x12, xxxviii + 304 pp.
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This edition explores the history of musical contact, interaction, and exchange between American Indians and Euramericans, as documented in musical transcriptions, notations, and arrangements. The volume contributes to an understanding of American music that reflects our cultural reality, depicting reciprocal influences among Native Americans, scholars, composers, and educators, and illustrating consequences of those encounters for American musical life in general.
Culled from a published record of over eight thousand songs, the edition contains 116 musical examples reproduced in facsimile. Included in the volume are the earliest attempts to represent tribal music in European notation, archetypal transcriptions in the scholarly literature of ethnomusicology, and recent contributions by contemporary scholars. Some of the notations shown here inspired composers in search of a distinctively American musical idiom to write works based on American Indian melodies. Others captured the imagination of American school children, whose concept of cultural and musical identity came to be linked with American Indians. Indigenous notations, the work of native scholars and educators, and recent compositions by native composers working in the classical vein also appear in this volume. As a compendium of historic materials, the edition illustrates the development of Euramerican attitudes and approaches to American Indian musics, the infusion of native musics into American musical culture, and native responses to and participation in the enterprise.
I. Explorations of American Indian Music
1. Membertou’s Song
2. Membertou’s Song (arrangement)
3. Early French Transcriptions:
  a. Chanson Canadoise
  b. Trois Chansons des Ameriquains
4. Illinois Song
5. Tabagia Song
6. Airs Iroquois:
  a. Dance Song
  b. War Song
  c. Funeral Song
7. Canadian Songs:
  a. Chanson des Sauvages du Canada
  b. Danse Canadienne
8. Tlingit Song
9. Song of Norfolk Sound
10. Amna Aya
11. Mutsun Songs
12. Chants Alaskiens, no. 4
13. Dog Dance of the Sioux
14. Medicine Woman’s Songs
15. Two Dakota Love Songs
16. War Song of the Chippewas
17. Gambling Song
18. Boat Song
19. The Fox and the Woman
20. Snake Song
21. Badger-Chief’s Myth Recitative
22. Achumawi Puberty Dance Song
23. Chant de puberté
24. Ballgame Dance Song
25. Big Feather Dance Song
26. Bird Dance Song
27. Cahuilla Springtime Bird Song
28. Medicine-Song of the Morning Star
29. A Song for the Iroquois Women’s Dance
30. Ritual. Song of Approach
31. Wa-Wan Wa-An: Song of Approach
32. Be Thae-Wa-An
33. Thunder Song
34. Tanzgesang
35. Song of the Rabbit Hunt
36. Three Songs:
  a. Dancing-Song
  b. Dancing-Song for Potlatch
  c. Lyric Song
37. Maliseet Dance-Song
38. Ojibwa Song
39. My Bark Canoe
40. Nadudu
41. If I Am Beaten
42. Opening Prayer of the Sun Dance
43. Woman’s Game Song
44. Dance Song (Pisik)
45. Song of the Elf in the Fire
46. A Woman’s Dance Song
47. Frog Song Series, Third Song
48. Eagle Dance: Song III
49. Laguna Corn-Grinding Song
50. Raven Song
51. Apache Rabbit Dance Song
52. Washo Peyote Song
53. Sway Song
54. Navaho Social Dance Song
55. Four Nights Dance Song
56. War Dance Song (Flathead performance)
57. Doctor’s Song
58. War Dance Song (Blackfoot performance)
59. Chief Hogan Song
60. Song to Red-Headed Woodpecker
61. Miracle Boy’s First Song
62. Turtle Dance Song
63. Earthmaker’s Song
64. Two Versions of a Song:
  a. The Sky Will Resound or Song of the Eagle
  b. Woman's Dance Song
65. Song of the Wolf and the Wolverine
66. Two Blood/Blackfoot Night Love/Serenade Songs
67. Vocal Game (transcription by Beaudry)
68. Vocal Game (transcription by Nattiez)
69. Kachina Dance Song
70. Sweathouse Wood Gathering Song
71. Opening Chelkona Dance Song
72. Box Drum Song
73. We Are Standing
74. Naraya Song
75. Lullaby for a Nursing Baby
II. Native Notations and Transcriptions
76. Osage Song Record Stick and Ojibwa Birchbark Scroll
77. The Roll Call of the Iroquois Chiefs
78. Meda Songs
79. Mnemonic Songs
80. Song of the Manido′
81. He Gave Fish, Turtles, Animals, Birds
82. Song of the Talking God
83. Deer Song
84. Rite of Vigil Song
85. Pogonshare Dance Song
86. Curing Song
87. The White Horse Song
88. Dance Song from the Fourth Night
89. Song of Thanksgiving Dance
90. Making Corn Stand Up
91. Woman’s Song
92. Old Folks’ Dance
93. Jump Dance
94. Old Dance Song
95. Contest Song: Jingle Dress Round Dance
III. Popular Arrangements
96. Indian Chief
97. Song of the Ghost Dance
98. The Returning Hunter:
  a. Boas Version
  b. Sousa Version
  c. The Eskimo Hunter
  d. The Eskimo Hunter (harmonized)
99. He′dewachi Song
100. Invocation
101. Song When Offering the Peace Pipe
102. Smoking the Peace Pipe
103. Morning Song
104. The Elf’s Song
105. Peyote Drinking Song
106. Creek-Seminole Stomp Dance Song
107. Go, My Son
108. Blessing Song
IV. Composer Arrangements
109. Híganúyahí
110. Inketunga’s Thunder Song
111. Song of Approach; Impressions of the Wa-Wan Ceremony, No. 3
112. From the Land of the Sky-blue Water
113. By the Waters of Minnetonka: An Indian Love Song
114. Old Indian Hymn:
  a. Old Indian Hymn
  b. Song of the Brotherton Indians
  c. From an Indian Lodge
115. Renville
116. Mtukwekok Naxkomao (The Singing Woods)
Tom Vennum, Ethnomusicology, Fall 2004; Brenda Romero, American Music Research Center Journal, Volume 12, 2002; others in file