Zarlino: Motets from the 1560s

Series: Renaissance  Publisher: A-R Editions
This edition is part of the collection Zarlino: Complete Motets
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Gioseffo Zarlino
Motets from the 1560s
Seventeen Motets from Modulationes sex vocum and Motetta D. Cipriani de Rore et aliorum auctorum

Edited by Cristle Collins Judd, Katelijne Schiltz

R163 Zarlino: Motets from the 1560s
978-0-89579-821-3 Full Score (2015) 8.5x11, xxxvi + 193 pp.
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This volume presents seventeen motets by Gioseffo Zarlino (1517–90) published in 1563 and 1566. Together with two earlier volumes in this series (R145 and R149), it completes a modern critical edition of Zarlino’s motets.
Four of the motets in this edition were originally published in the anthology Motetta D. Cipriani de Rore et aliorum auctorum (Venice: Scotto, 1563). They are all four-voice settings a voci pari (for equal voices), with three—based on texts from the Office of the Dead—grouped together as “lectiones pro mortuis.”
The other thirteen motets comprised Zarlino’s second book of motets, the Modulationes sex vocum (Venice: Rampazetto, 1566). They are for six or (in one case) seven voices and set a range of liturgical and biblical texts. With a single exception, they all include canons and explore a wide range of compositional techniques for canonic writing, thus highlighting the close connection between this collection and the contrapuntal exposition in Zarlino’s theoretical treatise Le istitutioni harmoniche (1558, 1573).
The modern assessment of Zarlino’s legacy has rested primarily on his reputation as a theorist; but with his musical works now fully accessible, his compositions may stand alongside his better-known theoretical writings, allowing a fuller evaluation of his work as a composer and the way in which his compositional and theoretical enterprises were intimately intertwined.
Motets from Modulationes sex vocum (Venice: Rampazetto, 1566)
1. Ascendo ad patrem meum
2. Litigabant Judaei
3. Hodie Christus natus est
4. Exaudi Deus
5. Virgo prudentissima
6. Miserere mei Deus
7. O quam gloriosum
8. In principio Deus
9. Victimae paschali laudes
10. Misereris omnium
11. Sebastianus Dei cultor
12. Salve regina
13. Pater noster
Motets from Motetta D. Cipriani de Rore et aliorum auctorum . . . cum tribus lectionibus, pro mortuis Josepho Zerlino auctore (Venice: Scotto, 1563)
14. Ecce iam venit plenitudo temporis
15. Parce mihi Domine
16. Taedet animam meam
17. Manus tuae